Thursday, 27 February 2014

Natural Collection: Lash Length Mascara Review

The next Natural Collection Mascara I bought was the Lash Length Mascara in Black. This one sells for £1.99, I also bought it in a three for two offer which is on in Boots a few times during the year. Also with a lot of the Natural Collection Products you can buy three for £5.

"Natural Collection Lash Length Mascara creates smooth eyelashes by coating them thinly and evenly-emphasizing even the shortest lashes.  For stunning length and definition to your lashes use Natural Collection Lash Length Mascara." Click here to find out more about this mascara.

Natural Collection Lash Length Mascara
My bare lashes brushed with my MAC lash comb

With two coats of Natural Collection's Lash Length Mascara

My completed look
Overall this mascara didn't give my lashes the look I was after, I felt it clumped quite a lot and gave me an uneven finish. It added a small amount of length to my lashes but nothing amazing even though I applied two coats.

Standard Natural Collection Packaging

I liked the brush of this one but it didn't comb my lashes through very well which lead to clumping

Length: 2/5 This mascara didn't really add much length to my lashes, definitely not as much as it claims. Any length I did get I had to apply a second coat which clumped really badly and got all over my eye lids and was just a mess as the formula was too wet.

Overall Performance: 2/5 I don't think this mascara performed very well, it clumped a lot during application and when I was finished applying it, it still looked clumpy. I had to apply two coats to get any effect and this came with a lot of clumping, I think the style of the brush held a lot of product and didn't comb through the lashes very well. The brush is standard but slightly more point and all of the bristles are the same length gradually getting shorter, the bristles are quite tightly spaced together, I think this made the clumping worse because it didn't separate the lashes at all. The formula was too wet and during application it got all over my eye lids and below my eyes. Although the mascara didn't flake or smudge during the day my lashes did deflate after a few hours of application making them difficult to see at all, I prefer a mascara to hold my lashes in a curl all day, this is the first mascara I have tried that deflated at such a quick rate. It did come off easily with my normal make up wipes.

Volume: 2/5 Although this mascara doesn't claim to add any volume to the lashes, it gave me some volume to a certain extent, however I feel this may be down to the clumping and I would much prefer a smoother effect to my lashes.

Expense: 2/5 For £1.99 this mascara is well priced but for the price I paid and results I got I wouldn't use this mascara again and I definitely wont buy it again. It does get loads of great reviews on the Boots website and I'm sure this mascara works wells for some people, it just didn't work for me.


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  1. The length is fabulous but I agree, too bad it clumped that much.