Sunday, 16 March 2014

Max Factor: False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara Review

A few months ago I bought the Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara in a three for two offer, I have only now got round to using it. It is usually £11.99, click HERE to find out more.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion in Black
I have used the original Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara and I really liked it but found that it flaked onto my cheeks throughout the day. " False Lash Effect Fusion is the sister product to Max Factor’s award-winning False Lash Effect. It fuses the brand’s most celebrated and award winning IFX brush with an innovative fibre lengthening formula, which contains the nylon fibres found in real lash extensions along with lash plumping particles.The breakthrough result is up to 2x* the volume and length for 100% lash glamour. It’s never been easier to create on-trend bold and glamorous eye looks"

My bare lashes only brushed with my MAC lash comb

With two coats of the Max Factor False Lash Fusion Mascara
Overall I like this mascara, but I do prefer the original False Lash Effect Mascara, I found it didn't clump as much and gave a better more even appearance to my lashes.

I like the purple colour of the bottle, it's also the same shape as False Lash Effect

The brush is also the same at the False Lash Effect Mascara, I think the formula is the only thing that is different.

The same brush as the False Lash Effect Mascara

Length: 3/5 This mascara did add some length to my lashes without weighing them down or clumping too much during application. I also liked the definition it gave to my lashes and made them noticeably longer from a distance, I usually find that my lashes disappear when I'm further from a mirror.

Overall Performance: 3/5 I liked this mascara but I do prefer the original False Lash Effect because I think the formula isn't so wet, I found the False Lash Effect Fusion to be slightly too wet which resulted in some clumping and made it difficult to build the mascara. The brush is amazing, the same as the original False Lash Effect, its chunky with graduated bristles that get smaller at the top, the bristles are really small and soft so they don't hurt your eye when applying. I think this mascara is good for separation and definition but I think that's down to the brush. 

It clumped a bit during application of a second coat but it was nothing too bad, it didn't flake or smudge during the day which was the one thing I didn't like about the original False Lash Effect Mascara as I found it flaked onto my cheeks. It came off easily with my normal makeup wipes.
Overall this mascara performed well but in comparison to the False Lash Effect Mascara, this one didn't give as good, even results, however it didn't flake during the day which was really good.

Volume: 4/5 This mascara added a decent amount of volume to my lashes, similar to the False Lash Effect Mascara, but the formula clumped a bit when I applied a second coat which was annoying. What I liked about the volume it gave my lashes was that it was visible from a distance which usually doesn't happen for me because my lashes are so fine.

Expense: 4/5 For £11.99 this mascara is a bit more expensive but I actually liked the results I got, and although I prefer the original False Lash Effect Mascara as the formula is better, I do prefer how the False Lash Fusion doesn't flake but still gives my lashes volume. I will keep this mascara in my makeup drawer but don't know if I will purchase it again because I'm just not in love with it.
If you have a mascara that you would like me to review just let me know, if I can purchase it easily and afford it I would love to try it.


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