Sunday, 2 March 2014

Natural Collection: Lash Curl Mascara Review

The last Natural Collection Mascara I bought was the Lash Curl Mascara in Black. This mascara is only £1.99 and is usually in a three for £5 offer with the other Natural Collection products.

"Natural Collection Lash Curl Mascara lengthens and curls your eyelashes. Use this Mascara to model your lashes without the use of eyelash curlers." Find out more here.

Natural Collection Lash Curl Mascara

My bare lashes brushed with my MAC lash comb
With two coats of Natural Collection's Lash Curl Mascara
My completed look
Overall I really didn't like this mascara, I felt it did nothing for my lashes and even though I used eyelash curlers (it claims you wont need any) my lashes deflated almost instantly and I have never had a mascara that did this before, it is like it weighed them down too much.

Standard Natural Collection Packaging

Spiraling brush, you can see it holds a lot of product
Length: 1/5 This mascara added no length to my lashes, what made it even worse was the fact that it weighed them down so much it looked like I had no mascara on. Perhaps because my lashes are naturally longer and fine the wet formula was too heavy for them, any curl in my lashes I created using my normal eye lash curlers was lost almost instantly.

Overall Performance: 1/5 I was really disappointed with this mascara, it was far too wet and even when I applied a second coat it did nothing for my eye lashes. Because the formula was so wet it stuck some of my lashes together giving an uneven finish and after applying a second coat this just got worse. The brush is a normal bristle styled brush with a spiraling pattern, I like the look of the brush at the start, but I soon noticed that it held too much product and in some areas there were huge clumps of mascara. The formula was too thin and wet which did nothing for my lashes at all, it also clumped and smudged on to my upper eyelid during application. The mascara didn't flake, smudge or transfer during the day and comes off easily with my normal make up wipes. Overall this mascara made my lashes look worse and I would rather have bare lashes, the photos above don't look too bad but if you compare them to previous reviews you will see the natural length of my lashes, this mascara made them look shorter!

Volume: 1/5 This mascara didn't add any volume to my lashes, it just defined what was all ready there but at the same time weighed them down making them look shorter and stumpier. I wouldn't recommend this mascara to anyone with fine, long lashes like mine because it just weighed mine down too much and I haven't experienced this before with a mascara.

Expense: 1/5 For £1.99 this mascara is a good price, but I wouldn't pay that for this mascara based on the results I got, I'm afraid I will just throw this mascara out because I really couldn't use it again. I looked on the Boots website and this mascara had loads of great reviews on there, it goes to show that a mascara is different for everyone and you never know until you try it.


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  1. Hmm such a shame that it didn't work for you, but I guess it shows that when you buy inexpensive items you do sometimes get low quality results :/ however I do think your eyes look lovely :) xx