Friday, 24 January 2014

Collection 2000: No Clumps Mascara Review

Collection, No Clumps Mascara.

My new review is of the Collection No Clumps Mascara in Black. 

"Collection No Clumps Mascara gives clump free beautifully defined lashes. Easy to use with innovative comb brush. Apply to lashes to create a beautiful defined look."

This mascara I bought for £2.49, it is usually £2.99 but I bought it on offer. I have used Collection mascaras before but that was years ago and I really can't remember anything about them. I liked the look of the brush, it looked great for separation and I thought since it was on offer I should give it a go. Also I was hoping that its claim of "No Clumps" would prove to be true!

My bare lashes brushed through with my MAC lash comb.
With two coats of Collection No Clumps Mascara.
My completed look with my usual eyeliners.
Overall I quite liked this mascara but it did clump a bit on the second coat which made last application longer. This is a super mascara for defining the lashes more than anything else it gives excellent separation. 

Collection No Clumps Mascara, packaging is fine, quite a slim tube.

Close up of the brush.

Length: 3/5 This mascara didn't add a huge amount of length to my lashes but it did comb them through really well and exaggerated the length of my natural lashes. The length held throughout the day and the overall structure of my lashes didn't change. This mascara would probably be better for those with longer lashes naturally.

Overall Performance: 3/5 The mascara was pretty good, the formula was a good consistency however on the second coat it did clump a little. It didn't flake, smudge or transfer during the day and was really easy to remove with my normal make up wipes. The brush is AMAZING, my ideal brush, it reminded me of the YSL Babydoll mascara, the closest I have come to my holy grail mascara. Its a plastic/rubber brush with lots of tiny bristles so its fantastic for separation and definition. 

The mascara gets full marks on separation and definition, but loses marks on the fact that it clumped a lot on the second coat, the mascara is called "No Clumps", but after a careful comb through these clumps disappeared.

Volume: 2/5 This mascara really didn't add that much volume to my lashes, it only defined my natural lashes, which I do love the look but when I'm wearing mascara I do want some extra volume. The definition of my lashes lasted the whole day and any extra volume also lasted well. This mascara would be more suited for those with naturally thicker lashes or naturally longer lashes.

Expense: 3/5 I bought this mascara for £2.49, it is usually £2.99 so for the price I paid and the results I got I was actually quite pleased with it. Although I wouldn't buy this mascara again, I will use up the bottle and bare it in mind for a really natural looking effect.



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