Thursday, 30 January 2014

My Favourite Lush Products

Lush is one of my favourite things in the world! I recently got into it last year, I always refused to go into any of the stores because the smell was too strong, I was totally missing out. I finally gave in and went into my local Lush store and I have never looked back. Firstly they have such a huge range of amazing, natural products at reasonable prices but more importantly some of their products have totally transformed my skin and I' tempted to also say my life. Since getting into Lush products my skin has NEVER looked or felt better which has given me so much confidence and I have got so many compliments since changing to Lush products. My skin has never been that bad, I suffered from occasional bad breakouts and have always had more oily skin with black heads on my nose. I still get the occasional spot here and there but nothing like I used to get, even at certain times of the month which was almost guaranteed for me every month
The first product and also my favourite and Holy Grail product is none other than the amazing Angels on Bare Skin.
Angels on Bare Skin is without a doubt my favourite Lush product! It is so gentle on my skin and it evens out my skin tone while gently buffing and calming any redness with its lavender. I will never use another cleanser again, I use this every morning and my skin has never looked to radiant, healthy and glowing, I am so pleased with it and will continue to use this for the rest of my life. I really like using natural products on my skin and since switching to Lush my skin has felt amazing, I really think natural products DO work and I think it is so much better for you. Click on the picture of Angels on Bare Skin to go to the Lush Website and buy some of this amazing stuff for yourself.

The second product I love goes hand in hand with Angels, it is Eau Roma Toner Water, I never used toner before but after it was suggested to me in the store by the lovely sales assistant I decided to give it a go and I am so glad that I did! It has some of the same ingredients in it as Angels on Bare Skin so they are fantastic at calming the skin and evening out skin tone. I would never switch from this fantastic duo. Since using these products together my skin has been clearer, softer, glowing and all together more radiant. 
One of the other products I love is the Cupcake Face Mask, not only does it smell AMAZING, it works wonders for my skin. I know it says its for teenage/oily skin, my skin is combination but I find this face mask to be so gentle and great at removing any excess oil, if any, from my skin. I don't know why but it is also fantastic at removing blackheads, I really don't know how this works but after using the mask for a couple of weeks I see a huge reduction in the blackheads on my nose, the only area I really get any. They aren't that bad in the first place, but it is definitely worth noting.
 Another of my favourite Lush products is the Rub Rub Rub Shower scrub, this is the best product for exfoliating ever, it leaves my skin so soft without any greasy build-up or slipping about in the shower, I hate that about other body scrubs. It is such a fresh scent and it really leaves me feeling clean.

If I don't buy Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub I go for the classic Sugar Scrub, it's a great price and gives you a fantastic exfoliation. I tend to break smaller pieces off and grind it up then use that on my skin, I find if you go in with the whole big bit it can be too harsh and scratch your skin.
 I also love Honey I Washed The Kids Soap, it is so moisturizing and it smells divine. I don't have to use any body lotion after my shower with this soap and after a week or so of using it I notice my skin is softer and starts to look more healthy, glowing and more flawless. This soap is a miracle, I much prefer it to any shower gel or other soap because it is so kind to my skin.  Click on the picture of Honey I Washed the Kids to buy some from the Lush website, you can also read more reviews.

I am so glad I have started using Lush products, since doing so I have thought more about my life style and how I want to try to live a more healthy and natural life. I have changed my diet and am eating cleaner and more organic foods which has helped my energy levels and might also have something to do with the improvement in my skin, and when I'm buying new products natural ingredients are really important to me now, I know they work and see no need for using unnecessary chemicals, overall I'm happier, healthier and feel more beautiful.

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