Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My Lashes

Finding the right mascara for you is all dependent on your natural eye lashes, a mascara might look great on someone else but not work for you, one mascara might have really bad reviews but it could work really well for your eye lashes. It's difficult to judge how good a mascara is without trying it for yourself, you have to discover what sort of mascara works best with your eye lashes. I have found that the rubber/plastic brushes work the best on my eye lashes and a drier formula is better at giving me the effect that I want.

So my lashes.. well I am lucky, my lashes are naturally quite long, but they have no volume and without mascara you can barely see them (I am blonde and really fair). Because my lashes are long and fine they are delicate and prone to breaking, I hate when I am taking my makeup off at night and I see my poor lost eyelashes on the make up wipe. I have started to take better care of my eyelashes recently by being as gentle as I can when taking my mascara off and putting a little Organic Coconut Oil on them a couple of nights a week.

Day-to-day my mascara routine never really changes, I start by combing my eyelashes with the MAC Lash Comb, this just helps separate my eye lashes before I curl them. This is a great buy at only £6.00, and it is a duo brush with an eye lash comb on one end and an eyebrow brush on the other, they both fold away so they are great for in your make up bag.

I curl my eye lashes first at the very roots of the lashes, then again about a quarter of the way up. The eyelash curlers I use are by Emite and they are AMAZING, definitely the best I have ever used. I got them in a GlossyBox but they usually sell for £20.00. The curlers apply the right amount of pressure and the shape allows you to grasp every lash. They also look really great, the black with the flash of red, reminds me of Louboutins!


With both of these tools keeping them clean are really important in getting the best results, product will build up on them there is nothing that will stop that but regularly cleaning them makes such a difference, I  just use a make up wipe and ensure I clean the rubber on the curlers as well. Your lashes also stick to build up product which can actually pull them out or damage them.

I usually wear black liquid eyeliner on my upper lid, a little wing is my every day look with pencil liner on my bottom lash line.

The mascara I'm wearing in these shots is the YSL Babydoll Mascara with Diorshow Primer. I usually wear two coats of mascara, but it depends on the formula and if it is prone to clumping or flaking, there is nothing worse than clumpy eyelashes....

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