Saturday, 25 January 2014

17: Peep Show Mascara Review

17 Peep Show Mascara

Today I have a review on 17's Peep Show Mascara in Black. I used this mascara a couple of years ago but I have forgotten what it was like so I decided to repurchase it and try it again.

"Where’d ya get those peepers? Flash your lashes with our fibre-rich lengthening SEVENTEEN Peep Show Mascara.. The closest thing to false lashes in a bottle!"I bought my mascara for £4.99 as it was on offer, but it usually sells for £6.29 which is still a decent price, you can buy it here.

Bare lashes, just combed with my MAC lash comb.
With two coats of 17's Peep Show Mascara

With my everyday eye look, liquid eyeliner and pencil liner.
I think I love this mascara, the packaging is so cute and I love the name of the mascara as well, but mostly I love the effect it gives to my lashes. Nice and fanned out, adds some length, separation and volume without clumping.

I love the packaging, its so pretty and pink!

Close up of the brush, its not a plastic one for a change!
Length: 4/5 This mascara did add some extra length to my lashes, I think this is the fiber enriched formula that does this, it sort of builds up on the lashes with an extra coat or two. The length lasted all day and the mascara sculpted my lashes in just the right way with little effort, I only needed two coats of this mascara. It only loses a mark as it claims it is "false lashes in a bottle" which I feel isn't really accurate but I love the effect regardless.

Overall Performance: 5/5 I actually think this mascara performs really well, the consistency is perfect, it doesn't weigh my lashes down and they feel really light and 'fluttery' all day. When I applied a second coat it didn't clump at all, instead it intensified the look it gave my lashes, making them look thicker and longer, usually this takes me so much longer when mascaras clump. Surprisingly the formula didn't flake or transfer during the day, I have found with previous fiber mascaras that they fall off onto your cheeks during the day, this mascara stayed in place the whole day. It also comes off easily with my normal makeup remover wipes.

The brush is actually really good, I wasn't expecting this as I usually prefer the rubber/plastic brushes as they are perfect for separation, but this brush was great at separating the lashes so it gets a 5/5 from me. It also defined the lashes really well without clumping, this held the whole day. Despite putting two coats on and because this is a fiber enriched mascara, I was expecting it to feel heavier on my lashes, but it doesn't, it feels so light and my eye lashes feel so soft and natural.

Volume: 4/5 This mascara was really good for adding volume, the fiber formula is perhaps why it is so good at this. It is also really build-able so you could add coats until you get the look you want, I don't know how much this mascara would clump though with any more than three coats. The volume holds all day but still feels light on my lashes, it doesn't weigh them down at all. One point is lost just because it's not really "false lashes in a bottle" but I think I prefer this, its so much more natural.

Expense: 5/5 This mascara is a FANTASTIC price at only £6.29, for the results I got I am so pleased with this mascara and I would definitely buy it again without hesitation, this one is going straight into my makeup bag as my new everyday mascara!  

Overall I LOVE this mascara because the effect it gives my lashes it beautiful and you can add coats without it feeling heavy, I literally feel like I'm wearing no mascara and it really does give you that flirty lash look. For those with shorter lashes I would recommend applying more than one coat, this will build up your lashes more making them look longer and thicker. My lashes just feel so soft and natural I can't believe a mascara this price would give me such great results with no clumping, flaking or transferring.




  1. Wow! Beautiful results. Looks like an amazing mascara.

    Ray | Obey Ray

  2. You have lovely long lashes anyway, but this gives amazing results! x