Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Miss Sporty: Studio Lash Mascara Review

Miss Sporty, Studio Lash Mascara

I tried the Miss Sporty Studio Lash Mascara in Black for the first time, so here is my review. The mascara claims: "Ultimate eye opening mascara with Dual Action applicator for instant lash sculpting effect with perfect separation.  Lashes are lifted up to 70% and up to 60% longer. Zero clumps. Smudge and smear proof."

I bought this mascara in Superdrug for £2.99. I haven''t tried any Miss Sporty mascaras before this so I had no idea what to expect. It was a really good price and when I saw the brush I thought I would give it a go, I usually prefer the plastic brushes. I also thought the brush looked similar to the Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Mascara, I loved this mascara so I thought the Miss Sporty Studio Lash might give me a similar effect at a fraction of the price, maybe something I can use as an every day mascara.

My lashes have nothing on them here, only comber through, told you they were fair!

This is with one coat of Miss Sporty Studio Lash applied, I didn't think I needed two coats.
This is my complete look with liquid eyeliner and pencil eye liner.

Overall I really like the look this mascara gives to my eyes, especially when I don't have any eye liner on, it really defines my lashes and does open the eyes to an extent. The brush is easy to use although it can feel slightly sharp when it touches the bottom of the eyelid. The packaging is bright green, so it wont get lost!

The tube is just standard size and packaging is just standard.

Close up of the brush, it is a plastic brush with shorter and longer bristles on it.

Length: 3/5 So this mascara gave me a little bit more length to my eye lashes, because my lashes are so fair you can barely see them so this mascara helped to define them more. It depends what "length" you expect from a mascara, my lashes are naturally long so when this mascara was applied it did make my lashes look longer, if you had shorter lashes this would maybe not give as much length. I have given the Miss Sporty Studio Lash a 3/5 for length because although it did not add a great amount of length, it defined my natural lashes and did sculpt them making them look longer and lifted.

Overall Performance: 4/5 This mascara did perform well, for starters the formula was just right, not too wet and not too dry. It didn't clump during application, although if you apply a lot of coats almost any mascara will clump. The brush was really good, it combed through my lashes well however as I mentioned before the bristles were a little sharp when they came into contact with my eyelid. The mascara didn't flake, smudge or transfer throughout the day, but I did feel my lashes lost a tiny bit of that length and volume by the end of the day, like they deflated a bit. It came off easily with my normal makeup wipes.

The mascara did define my lashes really well and was fantastic at separating my lashes to give me that fanned out effect. This is why I have given 4/5 for overall performance, it loses a mark only because the bristles could be sharp and I felt my lashes lost some of their sculptured look by the end of the day.

Volume: 2/4 This mascara didn't really add much volume to my lashes at all. Maybe with extra coats it would build up giving added volume, however I didn't want my lashes to look clumpy and want a mascara that can add satisfactory volume in 2 coats or less. It defined them really well but didn't make my lashes look any thicker, I have such fine eye lashes so volume is important to me. I did however like the natural look it gave my eyes and I would wear this look on days I was wearing less make up and be quite happy with it. So all in all, this mascara didn't add much extra volume to my natural lashes so I will rate it 2/5.

Expense: 4/5 This mascara is a really great price at only £2.99 and for the price I paid and the results I got I would give this a fair 4/5. While not adding a huge amount of length or volume to my lashes, it did define and separate them and helped to sculpt them into that fanned out look. I would happily use this mascara again but only for days when I am wearing less make up.



I wouldn't buy this mascara again as I don't think I would use it enough to get value for money. I will continue to use this one though for days when I just want definition.  I like it but not enough to make it a staple in my makeup bag. 

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