Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The L.O.V.E Test

When I am reviewing and rating mascaras I want to have some sort of rating scheme in place so it is easier to compare mascaras and see which ones are the best. So I have come up with this little rating scheme of my own, I call it the L.O.V.E test. The L.O.V.E stands for; Length, Overall Performance, Volume and Expense. Each category will be scored on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest.

Length /5

How much added length the mascara gives to my eye lashes. How much longer do they make my lashes look after a completed application compared to my natural lashes. Was a second coat or third coat of mascara needed. Did the length last the whole day.

Overall Performance /5

The overall look of my lashes, the separation, definition, curl and colour of the mascara. How the mascara lasted during the day, did the mascara flake, smudge or transfer.

I will look at the formula of the mascara, is it too wet, too dry, did the mascara clump easily during application. I also want to look at the condition it leaves my eye lashes in, was it easy to take off, did it damage my lashes at all. I will also look at the brush and packaging of the mascara.

Volume /5

What added volume did it give to my lashes, did it add volume without clumping or grouping lashes together. Did the volume last the whole day. How many coats were needed to achieve desired volume. Did adding extra coats make the mascara clump.
Expense /5

Comparing the price of the mascara to the performance, was it worth the price that was paid.

All of these categories will add up to a total out of 20, this will make up the final score for the mascara. 

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