Monday, 27 January 2014

Collection 2000: Volumising Mascara Review

Collection 2000 Volumising Mascara

A couple of days ago I saw this new Collection Volumising Mascara on offer in my local Boots store, it is a new mascara launched from Collection claiming "This high impact mascara comes with an extra large wand to thicken and separate lashes ensuring every lash is coated evenly for up to ten times more volume."

I thought for the introductory price of £2.99 it was worth trying, I saw the brush and it reminded me of Max Factors False Lash Effect mascara which I like but found it flaked during the day.  

My bare lashes just combed with my MAC lash comb

With two coats of Collection Volumising Mascara

My finished eye look, sorry it's a bit out of focus.
I wasn't that impressed with this mascara, I found that it didn't add the amount of volume to my lashes that it claimed, even after two coats. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad but I just think if its a volumising mascara then it should deliver more volume.

The packaging it a really pretty colour and its a chunkier bottle.

The brush is really big and had loads of tiny bristles on it.

Length: 2/5 I don't think this mascara added much length to my lashes but it does claim to be a more volumising mascara so this didn't bother me too much. However I usually find after a second coat of mascara some length is added to my lashes, having long lashes naturally makes it difficult to see drastic results but I just didn't see any with this. Unfortunately this mascara did not hold the length and curl of my lashes it provided when first applied, they deflated half way through the day.

Overall Performance: 3/5 I found the consistency of this mascara to be too wet, this made it difficult to build any volume without my lashes all sticking together. It didn't clump while applying but it did bunch lashes together which is just as annoying. I thought the brush looked amazing but I found it was rather painful when it came into contact with my lash line, the bristles are just slightly too sharp for me. It didn't really hold all day either with my lashes deflating slightly after a few hours of wearing this, it didn't flak or transfer during the day though and it comes off easily with my usual makeup removing wipes. 

I found this mascara to be average for separation, during application my lashes kept sticking together because the formula was too wet, it did define my lashes well though and the colour "Ultra Black" helps with this. I think it's good at defining my natural lashes but the thick, wet formula made the application process so much longer than usual, it also got all over my eye lids when applying so I had to take extra time to remove it.

Volume: 2/5 I think because this mascara claims it is a volumising mascara I have to mark it lower because I just didn't feel I got much volume at all from it. I did apply two coats of this mascara but I didn't see much difference than when I just had on one coat, the formula is just too wet to build on the lashes, unfortunately this "volumising" mascara didn't give me as much volume as it claimed. It did define my lashes though and gave them a natural look.

Expense: 3/5 This mascara is a good price, but I don't think it is volumising enough to be worth the money I paid. I did like the definition it gave my lashes but I wont be purchasing this one again.

Overall, I really liked the idea of the brush but just found it uncomfortable at times during application as the bristles were too sharp. The formula was just too wet which made it difficult to get my lashes separated and fanned out as I like and took longer than usual to apply. I think the fact that my lashes also deflated easily would stop me buying this mascara again, I have used numerous mascaras that can hold all day. I'm glad I tried this mascara but it really didn't give me enough volume.




  1. I am surprised you rated this so low, because you lashes look AMAZING! Then again, it does look like you have pretty long lashes naturally. Lucky girl!

    rae at lovefromberlin

    1. Yeah my lashes are naturally long so all this mascara did was define what was already there :D Thank you!