Monday, 20 January 2014

Love Lashes x

Welcome to Love Lashes x...

So a bit about me, my name is Melanie, I'm currently studying a BA in Media and Communications, I live with my fiancé in Scotland. I'm obsessed with fashion, make up, beauty, healthy living and everything that sparkles!

I am a huge mascara junkie, I buy it all the time cos' I'm constantly in search of that one holy grail mascara. I have tried hundreds, literally hundreds, of mascaras and still haven't found the one, and at the same time I forget which ones I have already tried... so I buy them again. What better way to remember than to actually document them all right here on Love Lashes x, maybe that way other mascara enthusiasts can benefit from my reviews (with pictures) as well. I love make up and beauty in general, so if I do feel the need, I will branch off from mascaras and let you know about other products I have tried and tested too.

I want to try every mascara out there... maybe that's a little excessive, but as many as I can at least, from the most expensive designer brands to the cheaper drugstore ones, if there is a mascara you want me to review just let me know, I'm open to suggestions.

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