Sunday, 26 January 2014

Miss Sporty: Studio Lash Incrediball Mascara Review

Miss Sporty Studio Lash Incrediball

Today's review if of the Miss Sporty Studio Lash Incrediball Mascara in Extra Black. Please excuse the rubbish lighting, today is a really horrible dull, rainy, cold, windy day and I usually just use natural lighting so I have had to make do.

"Exclusive 360° Brush catches EVERY LASH …Now with extravagant volume, fanned-out lashes and no clumps." I bought this mascara for £2.99 from my local Boots store, you can purchase it here. I bought this mascara when I saw the brush, I thought it looked really cool and was eager to try it out.

Bare lashes brushed with my MAC lash comb
With two coats of Miss Sport Incrediball Mascara
My finished look.

Overall I'm not too fussed about this mascara, I found it just defined my eye lashes more than anything else. I do like the idea of the brush but I found that it did clump on my lashes as the formula was quite thick.

Packaging, just standard and bright orange!
Here is a close up of the Incrediball mascara, you can see the little ball on the end.

Length: 2/5 This mascara didn't really add much length to my lashes, as my lashes are already quite long it just defined them so it is difficult for a mascara to add a substantial amount of length to my lashes, some I have tried in the past have done this but this mascara didn't seem to add any length, just more of a natural defined look.

Overall Performance: 3/5 I really do like the idea of this brush, but unfortunately I didn't get the results from it I expected. The consistency of the mascara is slightly too thick, this meant that it clumped on my eye lashes a little which made application time longer. The formula didn't flake or smudge throughout the day and I could easily remove it with a make up wipe. By the end of the day my lashes had deflated a little bit, but I had been out in the strong winds and heavy rain so I think it held pretty well considering.

This mascara was great from defining my lashes and did a decent job of separating them, however because the formula was rather thick it made some of my lashes stick together and clump up which made the application process harder. It did give a fanned out look to an extent, but some eyelashes were stuck with tiny clumps, I like both my eyes to be perfect and symmetrical! I really liked the brush on this mascara, It has the ball shape on the top which can be used for all different angles, it is a rubber/plastic brush with lots of small bristles on it. Having the brush on the end also helped to separate my lashes and remove some of the clumps when I used it up and down rather than the regular way using the length of the whole brush.

Volume: 3/5 This mascara did add some volume to my lashes, although I still think it looks quite natural and defined I did get some added volume to my otherwise fine eye lashes. This did however result in some clumping which can be seen in the shots above, I think you would only notice this if you were looking close up, but the mascara does claim that it doesn't clump.

Expense: 3/5 This mascara is a great price at only £2.99, but I don't think the results I got were what I expected. This mascara is fine for defining your natural lashes and I really do like the brush, maybe if the formula wasn't so thick it would be less prone to clumping. I think it would be good for those with already longer lashes, but if you are looking for more length then maybe this mascara isn't the one for you.




  1. a great review, love the stages shown! RR xx

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