Saturday, 22 March 2014

UTan California Sun Review

It's getting closer to summer, and ever closer to my holiday to Japan. I am usually so pale I actually look luminous in photos so during summer when more skin is on show I opt for some fake tan. I have recently been using the UTan California Sun Self-Tan Mousse, it costs £25.50 which I think is pretty expensive for a fake tan you can find out more HERE.

Please note, I didn't take any before and after photos, the colour really wasn't noticeable in any photos unfortunately which was what I needed it for, but I think it really does depend on lighting, in natural lighting you don't notice it as much, but in warmer lighting it looks better.
UTan California Sun
I decided to buy this one as I read so many amazing reviews about it and hoped that I too could have a flawless healthy looking tan that would naturally fade after five days. When I go to Japan in April, the weather will be nice and sunny, so I will pack some cute summer dresses and shorts, the only problem is I don't feel comfortable with my bright white skin. I know it's not really that bad and I don't live in a country where we get lots of sun so I just have to make do, some people have suggested I go to the sunbeds, I keep changing my mind about this though and I do feel more comfortable wearing fake tan.

My skin doesn't tan naturally anyway, it only burns then fades to white again so really a fake tan is my best option, but let me know if you use sunbeds and if you would recommend them for me? Anyway, I bought the UTan in California Sun and have used it a few times since buying it, the colour payoff really isn't that dark so it's much better suited for those with pale skin like mine, however I think I would have liked it to be a bit darker. It doesn't streak which it good, I apply it with a St Tropez Mitt which cost me £5.00, find out more HERE. I apply the fake tan after I have exfoliated the day before and straight after using one of my Body Shop Body Butters, I have tried with and without and I get the best colour pay off when using a body butter.

It does have a slight fake tan smell even when you wash it off in the morning (I apply the night before because I hate feeling sticky and smelling like fake tan all day). The smell is only noticeable, however, if you actually have your nose on your arm, so really its not an issue. I really like how this tan doesn't go patchy as it fades, it just fades out naturally but it can patch in dry areas a bit. I wantd something for Japan that I wouldn't have to apply every night so I wouldn't have to think or worry about it too much, but I don't think it lasts that long on me, only a couple of days and I was really hoping for more based on the reviews I have read.

All in all, I don't think I will buy this one again and now I need to look for another fake tan before mid April! What are your favourite fake tans? Do you know any that last longer with a good colour?

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