Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My New Favourite Soap: The Body Shop's Chocomania

I definitely prefer using soap to shower gel when I wash, although I do like some shower gels I feel that soaps give a better lather and I always feel cleaner when using a soap. I love Lush soaps and have been using various ones for the past couple of years but a couple of weeks ago I discovered The Body Shop's Chocomania Soap. I am already a huge fan of the Chocomania range, I use the body butter and the body scrub but when I saw the soap in a three for two offer in store I decided to buy some. They are £2.00 each which is a good price for a quality soap full of great ingredients but they were also on three for two, I don't know if this is a promotion they always have on in store as I usually shop online, that aside I would still happily pay £2.00 a bar without the three for two because I love them! Click here to visit The Body Shop's website to find out more about this soap.

The Body Shop's Chocomania Soap
This soap smells amazing, like chocolate and I'm a huge fan of chocolate scented products and love cocoa butter because its great for your skin, it also has small pieces of coconut shell which helps to exfoliate your skin. This is so much easier than using body scrub if you just want a gentle exfoliation, I use this mostly everyday, one side tends to be harsher at exfoliating, I think this is just down to the way we hold soap it does mean that the other side is softer and the little fragments don't stick out so much so I switch sides for a more gentle scrub.

The coconut shell fragments are great for exfoliation

The soap lathers up well and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh, although the soap smells amazing this scent does not come off on your skin which I don't mind, I have perfume for that. The ingredients in this soap are great for your skin, I love using natural ingredients and this product gives me that plus more for such a fantastic price. This soap also lasts longer than the Lush soaps although I still love them, so I use this one for more everyday use as it is more cost effective. I also think this soap would be great for traveling, it can wash and exfoliate in one easy step without taking up too much space or weight, it is also less messy so I will be taking one of these to Japan with me in April and I can't wait!

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  1. I can only imagine how delicious this smells
    thanks for sharing!