Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Natural Collection: Lash Build Mascara Review

A few days ago I bought some of the Natural Collection Mascaras, they were on three for two and I have some points to spend on my Boots Advantage Card. This mascara retails at £1.99 which is a great price, this collection is also often on a three for two offer in Boots. The first one I tried was the Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara in Black.

"Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara glides on smooth to build great-looking lashes. Perfect for those with sparse & short lashes. Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara creates thicker lashes for extra volume." Click here if you want to find out more about this mascara.

Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara

My bare lashes brushed with my MAC lash comb

With two coats of Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara in Black

My completed look
Overall this mascara was fine, it didn't really give me enough definition and volume despite applying two coats, however it did give me a really nice, soft natural look to my lashes and some people like this natural look so it would be great for those who want this look.

The packaging is standard and the same as all the Natural Collection Mascaras

The brush is very standard with lots of bristles and I found it held a lot of product but didn't clump
Length: 3/5 This mascara didn't add any length to my natural lashes although this mascara doesn't claim to be a lengthening one I did like the effect it gave my lashes, it defined them without clumping but I don't think this would be suitable for those with shorter lashes looking for length.

Overall Performance: 3/5 This mascara performed well to an extent, it didn't clump at all even while applying a second coat, I did feel that the second coat made no difference to the appearance of my lashes. The brush is very standard and is thicker at the bottom and peaks at the top, the brush held a lot of product which I though would lead to clumping but amazingly, it didn't. I found the consistency of the formula to be slightly too watery, I don't mean too wet because it wasn't I just felt that the formula was too thin and didn't make any difference when applying a second coat of mascara, however it did give me a nice natural look and this would be great if this was the kind of look you were looking for. It separated my lashes nicely which again gave a nice natural look to my lashes, fine for days I'm not doing much. The mascara didn't flake, smudge or transfer during the day and comes off easily with my normal make up wipes. Overall the formula just wasn't build-able which the mascara claims to be.

Volume: 1/5 Unfortunately for a lash building and volumising mascara this one just didn't deliver what was promised. I feel I didn't get any added volume to my lashes, close up in the photos above it looks decent but if you were further away you couldn't make out my lashes. Don't get me wrong I did like the natural look and I can use this look on days I don't make as much of an effort, but I think for a volumising mascara this just wasn't good enough for me, but if you just want to define your natural lashes or want a really natural look then it might be worth giving this one a go.

Expense: 3/5 For £1.99 this mascara is well priced, but the price I paid and results I got, I couldn't justify buying this one again, that being said I did like the look it gave to my lashes, it separated them and defined them giving me a lovely natural look and I will use this mascara again until I have used it up.


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