Monday, 10 February 2014

Body Shop Body Butter Review

I have recently become obsessed with The Body Shop so I did a big order a while ago and have been trying out all the products I bought. I thought I would do a review of the body butters I have been using because they are simply AMAZING! Check out their full collection of body butters here. I usually only apply body lotions at night and sleep in them as I hate being soggy throughout the day, even though I washed these off in the morning my skin stayed moisturized and my skin felt softer throughout the day and looked more radiant, I will continue to try and use one every night to keep my skin looking and feeling fab! All of these retail from £5.00 to £13.00, but watch out for great offers in store and online, that's when I buy mine!

My current collection of Body Shop body butters!
This is my collection of body butter by The Body Shop, I think I love them all equally, and they smell AMAZING! I want to buy more and try every type. The first one I have is the Chocomania one and I bought this one because I love chocolate and it smelt delicious. It is a thick, buttery consistency and glides on to the skin really well, I did find with this one that if you put on too much, when it dries it can go in to little bits on the skin, do you know what I mean? Apart from that this body butter makes my skin feel amazing and it looks better as well.

Chocomania body butter by The Body Shop
I tried the Strawberry body butter first, this one is also a thicker, buttery consistency and it glides on to the skin easily. This one was really good at moisturizing my skin, I noticed a difference the next day, my skin just felt so soft, softer than ever! The smell is divine, its so fresh and fruity and even though I only wear these at night I wish I could throughout the day so I could smell as good as these do.

Strawberry Body Butter by The Body Shop
The next one I have is the Papaya body butter, this one is very similar to the Strawberry one, same consistency and same effects but it is Papaya scented and it smells delicious! I think they all do. Again, I apply this one at night and wash it off in the morning, the condition and look of my skin is great when I use these body butters, if I ever forget for a couple of days I really do notice a difference in the condition of my skin.

Papaya Body Butter by The Body Shop
Much like the Strawberry and Papaya is the Passion Fruit, is is then same in every way but the smell is of passion fruit which I love. I also get the same amazing results with this one as I do with the rest, totally unrivaled in the world of body butters in my opinion.

Passion Fruit Body Butter by The Body Shop
The only one that differs from the rest is the Almond Body Butter which is much wetter in consistency but still is very thick, it is more creamy than buttery. This one smells fantastic, like marzipan so it is quite sweet, it also gives a lot of moisture to the skin and gives a very similar and equally great effect as the rest of them do.

Almond Body Butter by The Body Shop
Overall these body butters are by far my favourite body moisturizing products ever. They use good ingredients and this has made all the difference to my skin. I never used to moisturize my body, even at night, any time I tried to keep up with it using a new product I just never saw any benefit or noticed any change in my skin so I stopped using them, but these body butters transform my skin ever night and give me beautiful, healthy, moisturized skin the next day. I don't think I will even bother buying another body moisturizer as I have truly found my Holy Grail of Body Moisturizers! Thank you so much Body Shop, I can't wait to buy more of these little pots of heaven.

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