Friday, 14 February 2014

Body Shop: Vitamin E Skincare Review

I have recently started using The Body Shop's amazing Vitamin E skincare range. My mum gave me a pot of their Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream at Christmas because my usually combination skin was really dry with the cold winter. I was skeptical because usually "intense" moisturizers just make my skin really oily, but because my skin was so dry and flaky I decided to give it a go, even if it was just for a while to get it back to normal. Now I can say I have found my prefect autumn/winter moisturizer!

Firstly, I use the Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream in the morning, you can find out more here. So even though this moisturiser is an intense one, it absorbs beautifully into my skin, I have combination/oily skin but this never makes my skin any oilier than usual, in fact I feel it helps it somewhat, even on days I wear only this with no make up, my skin never gets shiny. I really love this product and it is totally worth the money, I feel it really replenishes my skin, making it more radiant and healthier looking even without make up.

The Body Shop: Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream

The consistency is quite thick and creamy but it glides on to the skin easily and skins in quickly without leaving a greasy residue. The smell is lovely, it just smells fresh and just what a moisturiser should smell like. It is £12.00 which I feel is a fair price because one pot of this will last you ages, you only need a small amount, but The Body Shop have fantastic offers on all the time and I am also a Love Your Body member which means I get 10% off all purchases for a year. Overall this moisturiser is my Holy Grail autumn/winter moisturiser, I wouldn't want to try another one as this one really protects my skin and has really improved the overall condition of my skin.

I have also been using the Vitamin E Eye Cream, I don't have any wrinkles around my eye area and my circles aren't that bad, so I think I just bought this because I wanted to try an eye cream and get into the habit of using one everyday. The skin around the eye area is more delicate than on the rest of the face and so I thought it deserved a little extra attention, it may not do much now but  hope in years to come I will be glad I decided to start using this.

The Body Shop: Vitamin E Eye Cream

This moisturiser claims to protect, smooth and hydrate the eye area while reducing fine lines, puffiness. Visit this page if you want to know more about this eye cream. It really does leave my skin feeling soft and have seen a slight improvement in my under eye circles although they weren't that bad to begin with.

The Body Shop: Vitamin E Facial Oil

At night I usually use Rosehip Oil on my face, but I wanted to try the Vitamin E Facial Oil which I use alternately. It sinks into my skin quickly although I wouldn't use this during the day as I feel on my skin it would make it too oily during the day. At night though it is perfect, I wake up in the morning and my skin looks rested, glowing and healthy. Even after I wash this off and put on my makeup I can still see the benefits shining through, it feels like it really penetrates into the skin and repairs and hydrates it which has a longer lasting effect which lasts for days after use. If I feel my skin is looking a bit dull or I'm feeling tired, have a break out or have dry patches, this facial oil really helps to repair my skin at a faster rate than normal. Learn more about this amazing product here.

I am in LOVE with this amazing Vitamin E rage by The Body Shop, it gives me really great results and I know at the same time it is caring for and protecting my skin. I will try more products from this range, I really want to try the new Over Night Serum and the Face Mask and when I do, I will review them too!

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