Thursday, 13 February 2014

Feeling 22! My Birthday!

So today was my 22nd birthday! I have the week off but Matt was working all day today so my family decided to come and spend the day with me which was lovely. Today I just have some photos of my presents and my day in general. We had an Indian for lunch which is out favourite and because it was my birthday they gave us a plate of free poppadums! 

One of my favourite cards!

Some of the beautiful gift bags I was given.
My mum and dad took us all out for lunch to our favourite local Indian restaurant, we all had our usual favourite curries and we got to try a bit of each others, plus the service was fantastic!

Sauces for our starters

Vegetable pakora, my starter
Vegetable Karahi Curry
Chicken Tikka Masala

Yesterday Matt came home with a birthday cake, I'm never usually fussed with birthday cake now I live away from home but because mine and Matt's birthdays are so close together we decided we would share one.

My Birthday Cake
I have been spoiled for my birthday, plus Matt got me a new camera for my birthday which is just amazing and I can't believe how lucky I have been. My parents are also taking Matt and I to Japan in April to see my sister who lives there, I have never been before and we would never have been able to afford it otherwise so we are both so, so, so grateful and are so excited.

My presents!

Some new mascaras to try, plus look at the mug my sister got me, Bruce from Nemo!

Perfume and Body Shop stuff
My parents got me this beautiful Papyrus birthday card, I thought it deserved some extra attention because my mum couldn't wait to give me it.

Beautiful envelope

My Mum said she bought this because it was like me and my sisters

And it pops up!

My mum kept this in with the card, I thought it was beautiful
I have had such a lovely birthday and got to spend it with the people I love most in the world and that is better than anything. I really miss my family and its hard living further away from them, ok it's only just over an hour on the train, but when I see them waving goodbye to me and walking the opposite way down the street I always want to cry because I already miss them so much. Even thought I'm 22 now I still feel like I need my family close to me and I miss them all the time. But this year my parents are moving to the same city as me because they love it so much, so I'm really excited about that. Tonight when Matt gets home we are just going to sit and watch a film and eat some birthday cake!


  1. Happy Birthday hun!! You have been really spoilt and that indian dinner looks gorgeous mmmm xxxxx
    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

  2. Happy birthday, fellow aquarius! My birthday is tomorrow - it won't be as exciting as yours! I would love to go out for a meal but I hate going out on valentines day :-( x

  3. I love the first tea cup card - so cute! I've never had authentic Indian food, but it looks delicious. Everyone says it's so good!